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Select your options

Bullfrog Spas™ offers a full selection of features, options and accessories to further enhance your spa. We will help you select the best options for your spa experience or you can purchase certain parts and accessories from our online store.

The best spa options and accessories.

Faites-en votre spa

Make it your spa

Bullfrog Spas is dedicated to making your spa yours.

Bullfrog Spas offers a variety of exclusive options and accessories to complete and enhance your spa. Most of these accessories are shown here, but these are just a few of the options available to enhance your new Bullfrog spa. If you would like to see a more comprehensive collection of accessories and learn more about how you can perfectly customize your Bullfrog Spa, please visit your authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealer.

Audio systems for spas

Systèmes audio pour spas
Surround sound integrated into the spa

Our state-of-the-art audio system produces premium, long-lasting surround sound for the ultimate spa relaxation experience.

System components are all hidden within the spa shell and protected from the elements for a cleaner look and built-in reliability.

The advanced transducer technology and design of the Jetpod produce a smooth frequency response that delivers rich surround sound throughout the spa.

SwimDek Surface Kit


Our SwimDek TM surface assembly, exclusive to M-Series spas, defines premium luxury and support with innovative, low-profile padding attached to the inner shell of the spa.

- Durable, non-slip padding adheres to the spa surface, providing an extra layer of comfort and safety.

- Surface assemblies are custom designed and sized for each of the M Series spa models.

-Color matches your chosen cabinet finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the spa.

CloudControl 2™ Wireless Module

Votre spa n'est qu'à
Your spa is just a few clicks away.

With the EnduraFrame™ and EnduraBase™, your Bullfrog spa will reliably support thousands of pounds of water. Plus, your base and frame are constructed without wood or metal, so they'll never rot or corrode.

Swim Series Options

Hamac pour spa
Zero Gravity Spa Hammock

There's nothing like being free from the grip of gravity. The first-of-its-kind, patent-pending Zero Gravity Spa Hammock combines stretch suspension and buoyancy to create a zero gravity effect that will take you out of this world.
Exclusive for Swim Series™.

swim fitness kits
Training kit for strength training and stretching

Simple and multi-functional fitness kits are equipped with an exclusive adjustable rowing bar, handles or resistance bands of different lengths and intensities for a variety of full body workout options.
Exclusive for Swim Series™.

swim tether
Swim tether kit

The Swim Series swim belt provides an exceptional experience for swimmers of all skill levels. Just strap the belt to your waist and swim unencumbered for a high resistance, low impact workout.
Exclusive for Swim Series™.

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