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Bullfrog Spas
Model A6

Seats available: 7
Jetpaks: 4

The A6, a compact, high-end spa, offers comprehensive functionality, suitable for small urban spaces while offering generous internal space and four unique massages.

More details on the A6

The A6 is a premium spa model that saves space while providing all the features you could ask for. The small exterior footprint is perfect for tight spaces that are part of an urban lifestyle or modern garden design, while still maintaining ample space inside. The open seating plan allows you to stretch out and relax while remaining perfectly suited to small patios, balconies and decks. Four comfortable premium corner seats each deliver a unique massage, allowing you to design your perfect spa experience.

Dimensions : 88″ (224cm) x 80″ (203cm) x 34″ (86cm)



Electrical Installation

Quick comparison of finishes

A6 Plus

A6 Plus

  • standard finish
  • Standard jet borders
  • Premium headrests
  • premium waterfall
  • Premium Lighting
  • Premium JetPaks
  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch control
A6 Select

A6 Select

  • Select two-tone finish

  • Lighting under the Select head restraints

  • Premium headrests

  • premium waterfall

  • Premium lighting

  • Premium JetPaks

  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls


Color choices for A6

Colors & Finishes

A-Series spas offer a choice of 4 attractive Select two-tone finishes or 2 standard finishes. Every visible component, finish, acrylic shell, headrest, jets, cover, and every other trim item coordinates with the rest of the spa. The result for each color and trim package selection is a sleek, visually appealing spa that will become the centerpiece of your backyard.

Exterior Finishes

Inner Shells


*Exterior finishes with accent included in the Select Finish Package

and available as an upgrade in the Finishing Package Plus.

A-Series™ Hot Tub