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Bullfrog Spas
Swim Spa S200

Available Seats: 9
Jetpaks: 4

Enjoy more premium seating and features than any other space-saving hot tub.

More details on the S200

Take a deep breath and relax in this high-end, space-saving spa. You'll appreciate the experience of your four customizable JetPaks, supported by two therapeutic pumps - offering the ultimate in powerful therapy. This luxury spa is equipped with a multi-function auxiliary control and features more seating and high-end features than any other low-profile spa on the market. The compact M6 is here to pack a punch by fulfilling the peaceful promise of Bullfrog Spas in a reduced space, offering a supreme spa experience.

Size : 94" x 204" x 52" (2,38m x 5,18m x 1,32m)
Therapy Pumps : 3
Multi-function Auxiliary Controls : 1
Dry Weight : 2720 lbs/1233 kg
Filled Weight : 18950 lbs/8595 kg
Water Capacity : 1950 gal/7381 L



Electrical Installation


Color Palette for the S200

Exterior - Timber

IInterior - Snow

Overcast - Dusk

Features of the Swim Spa S200

Unique swimming current system

You no longer have to be a world class swimmer to use a jet swim current system. The Swim Series from Bullfrog Spas features an anatomically adapted current system that helps you swim easier and better.

The unique orientation of the swim jets, one close to the surface and the other angled upwards from a little deeper depth, creates a form of current that helps keep the body and legs at horizontal and your whole body in your swim lane for easier use and more effective workouts.


Options and Accessories for the S200

Fitness Kits

Simple and multi-functional fitness kits are equipped with an exclusive adjustable rowing bar, handles or resistance bands of different lengths and intensities for a variety of full body workout options.

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